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“A Critical Look at Disease Specific Enteral Products”
“A Critical Look at Disease Specific Parenteral Products”
“Acid-Base Implications in Nutritional Support”
“Acid-Base Therapeutics as it Applies to the Nutrition Patient”
“Acid/Base Considerations in Parenteral/Enteral Therapy”
“Acid/Base Therapy”
“AIDS and Clinical Nutrition Support”
“AIDS and Nutrition”
“Alternative Therapies for the Diabetic”
“Ambulatory Care and Parenteral Therapy”
“Ambulatory Home Care Services”
“Ambulatory Nutrition Patient and Ancillary Services”
“American Society of Nutritional Support Services”
“An Effective Therapeutic Option for GERD”
“Anabolic Steroids and Protein Metabolism”
“Anemia and the Cancer Patient”
“Antiemetic Use in Transitionalization”
“Antioxidants in Nutrition”
“Assessment of the TPN Patient”
“Back to the Basics in Nutritional Therapy”
“Basic Science and Total Parenteral Micronutrition”
“Basics – Clinical Nutrition”
“Biovailability Concepts”
“Blood Components and IV Therapy Interactions”
“Bullets in Clinical Nutrition”
“Cancer and Nutrition”
“Cancer and Parenteral Nutrition”
“Cancer Chemotherapy”
“Cardiopulmonary Medications”
“Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course”
“Cardiovascular Medications”
“Cardiovascular Pharmacology for the Emergency Medical Technician”
“Chemotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy”
“Cholestasis and Total Parenteral Nutrition: Neonatal vs. Adult”
“Clinical Implications of Pediatric Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“Clinical Nutrition – Basic Science”
“Clinical Nutrition – Macrosubstrates”
“Clinical Nutrition – Microsubstrates”
“Clinical Nutrition – Perles”
“Clinical Nutrition – UPDATE”
”Clinical Nutrition and Physical Therapy”
“Clinical Nutrition and Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome/Sepsis”
“Clinical Nutrition and the Critically Ill”
“Clinical Nutrition and the Pulmonologist”
“Clinical Nutrition for Medical Housestaff”.
“Clinical Nutrition for the Nurse Practioner”
“Clinical Nutrition for the Surgical Resident”
“Clinical Nutrition in the Hospitalized Patient”
“Clinical Nutrition Perles“
“Clinical Nutrition Support and Surgical Outcomes”
“Clinical Nutrition Support and the Physician”
“Clinical Nutrition Therapeutics”
“Clinical Nutrition Updates“
“Clinical Nutrition”
“Clinical Nutritionand Liver Disease”
“Clinical Pharmacist’s Role in Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“Clinical Pharmacy and Physical Therapy”
“Clinical Pharmacy Extensions to the Hematology/Oncology Clinic”
“Clinical Pharmacy Implications – Intravenous Fat Emulsions”
“Clinical Pharmacy Implications – TPN Tx”
“Clinical Pharmacy Intravenous Medication Implications”
“Clinical Pharmacy Services in a (Community) Hospital”
“Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Teaching (Tertiary) Hospital”
“Clinical Pharmacy”
“Clinical Software Applications for Home Health Care Services”
“Complications of TPN”
“Computer Science and Clinical Nutrition”
“Computers and Clinical Nutrition”,
“Computers- Applications for Nutritional Support Pharmacists”
“Controversies in Micronutrition”
“Controversies in Nutrition”
“Cost Effectiveness in Nutrition Therapy”
“Crash Cart Medications”
“Credentialing Institutional Personnel – Clinical Nutrition”
“Current Perspectives in Clinical Nutrition Support”
“Current Perspectives in Parenteral Micronutrition”
“Drug/Nutrient Interactions”
“Electrolyte and Acid/Base Balance in Nutrition Support”
“Electrolyte and Trace Elements in the Hospital and Home Patient”
“Electrolyte Considerations”
“Emergency Medications”
“Emergency Meds and the Critical Care Nurse”
“Endotoxin and Filtration”
“Enteral Feeding Implications”
“Enteral Nutrition and Pharmacy Interactions”
“Enteral Nutrition”
“Enteral Nutrition: Pharmacy Implications”
“Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition Therapy”
“Evaluation of Nutrition Products”
“Evaluation/Utilization of Lab Tests”
“Everything That You Always Wanted to Know About Trace Elements”
“Exploring Complementary Therapy”
“Fick/Weir Equations & Parenteral Nurition”
“Fluid and Electrolyte Therapy”
“Food Allergies”
“Food Feud”
“Fungal Infections”
“Gastroenterology Recent Briefs”
“Gastroenterology Review”
“Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Therapy Update“
“Gastrointestinal Medications and the Dietitian”
“GERD for the Practicing Pharmacist”
“GERD for the Practicing Physician”
“GERD Issues for the Critical Care Nurse”
“GERD Pharmacology & Therapeutics”
“GERD Review”
“GERD Therapeutics”
“Geriatric Implications – Clinical Nutrition”
“Geriatric Roundtable – Medication Nutrient Implications”
“GI-TPN update”
“Herbals and Hypertriglyceridemia”
“Herbals and Nutrition Implications”
“High Blood Pressure Measurement Methodologies”
“High Blood Pressure Screening”
“Home Infusion Roundtable”
“Home Parenteral Therapy and Home Chemotherapy”
“Home Parenteral Therapy”
“Home Therapy/Cost Containment – Why we’re here”
“Home TPEN Therapy”
“Home TPN Perles-Pharmacist Role”
“Home TPN”
“How to – Clinical Nutrition”
“How to make a TPN solution – from A to Z”
“Hypertension Screening Techniques”
“ICU Nutrition”
“Immune Implications and Herbals”
“Immunologic Implications of Parenteral lipid”
“Indirect Calorimetry”
“Interpretation of Laboratory Tests”
“Intravenous Fat and the Practicing Surgeon”
“Intravenous lipids and Surgery”
“Intravenous Products – Do’s and Don’ts”
“Intravenous Therapy”
“Investigational Medications and the Clinical Pharmacist”
“Investigational Medications”
“Iron and Sepsis”
“Issues in TPN”
“IV Therapy Administration Perles”
“IV Therapy”
“JCAHO and Clinical Nutrition”
“Laboratory Implications: Herbals, Nutrients and Medication Interactions”
“Laboratory Monitoring and the Home Nutrition Patient”
“Laboratory Testing and the Geriatric Patient”
“Laboratory Tests and Medications”
“Laboratory Texts and the Geriatric Patient”
“Leadership Obligations”
“Lipid and Immunity”
“Lipids – Contemporary Issues”
“Liquid Protein Diets”
“Long Range Planning”
“Macrosubstrate and Micronutrient Potpourri”
“Mean Arterial Blood Pressure Screening”
“Medication/Nutrient Interaction in the Elderly”
“Medication/Nutrient Interactions”
“Medication/Nutrient-Focused Physical Assessment”
“Medications and Enteral Nutrition
“Medicinal-Nutrient Interactions”
“Megavitamin Therapy”
“Metabolic Considerations in Parenteral Nutrition Therapy”
“Metabolic Potpourri – TPN Therapy”
“Micronutrient Dogma”
“Micronutrient Management”
“Micronutrient Perles for the Nurse”
“Micronutrient Potpourri”
“Micronutrient Roundtable”
“Micronutrient Therapeutics”
“Micronutrient Therapy in the Cancer Patient”
“Micronutrient Therapy Review”
“Micronutrient Therapy”
“Micronutrient Therapy: Parts 1 and 2”
“Micronutrient Trace Element Therapy”
“Micronutrients – Electrolytes”
“Micronutrients – Focus on Trace Elements”
“Micronutrients and Crohn’s Disease”
“Micronutrients Vitamins”
“Micronutrition : A New Concept in Nutritional Management”
“Monitoring TPN Therapy”
“Nursing Obligations of Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“Nutrient/Medication Interactions”
“Nutrient/Medication Relationships”
“Nutrition – Enteral and Parenteral”
“Nutrition and Calorimetry Research”
“Nutrition and Disease Etiology”
“Nutrition and Medication Interactions”
“Nutrition and Pulmonary Services?”
“Nutrition and the Cancer Patient”
“Nutrition and the Critically Ill”
“Nutrition and the Renal Failure Patient”.
“Nutrition and Wound Healing ”
“Nutrition Assessment for the OB-GYN Patient”
“Nutrition Assessment in the Traumatized Patient”
“Nutrition Assessment Tools for the General Practitioner”
“Nutrition Assessment Tools Needed to Avoid Medico-legal Entrapments”
“Nutrition Assessment”
“Nutrition in the Hospital and the Community”
“Nutrition in the Intensive Care Unit”
“Nutrition in the Special Diseased Patient”
“Nutrition in Various Disease States”
“Nutrition Perles for the Critically Ill Pulmonary Patient”
“Nutrition Support in the AIDS Patient”
“Nutrition Support in the Oncology Patient”
“Nutrition Therapy and the Burn Patient”
“Nutritional Assessment of the Critically-Ill Geriatric Patient”
“Nutritional Assessment”
“Nutritional Insights Concerning Cancer Patients”
“Nutritional Monitoring for Patients Undergoing Kidney Transplantation”
“Nutritional Support and the AIDS Patient”
“Nutritional Support in the Oncology Patient”
“Nutritional Support Monitoring for the Home Patient”
” Nutritional Support of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient”
“Nutritional Support Team Dynamics”
“Oncology Medication Kinetics”
“Osmolality and pH Review”
“Oxygen Consumption and Nutrition”
“Parenteral Lipid and Immunity”
“Parenteral Micronutrient Therapy Highlights”
“Parenteral Micronutrients”
“Parenteral Multivitamin Update”
“Parenteral Nurition Overview”
“Parenteral Nutrition and the Critically-ill Geriatric”
“Parenteral Nutrition and the Intensive Care Patient”
“Parenteral Nutrition and the Renal Patient”
“Parenteral Nutrition for Pediatrics”
“Parenteral Nutrition Support in Specific Disease States”
“Parenteral Nutritional Therapy Monitoring”
“Parenteral Therapy for the Home Care Pharmacist”
“Parenteral Therapy Overview”
“Patient Education and High Blood Pressure”
“Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition”
“Peroxidation and IV Lipids”
“Pharmaceutical Knowledge in Parenteral Therapy”
“Pharmacist Role in TPEN Therapy”
“Pharmacist Role in TPN Therapy”
“Pharmacists Role as a Member of the TPEN Team”
“Pharmacokinetics of Aminoglycoside Therapy”
“Pharmacological Enhancement of Food Intake”
“Pharmacy Department Operations”
“Pharmacy Implications of Parenteral Nutrition Therapy”
“Pharmacy Implications:TPN Therapy”
“Pharmacy Role in the Study of Dichloroacetate”
“Pharmacy-Nutrient Interaction”
“Pharmacy/Nutrient Implications”
“Phenothiazines – Nutritional Implications”
“Physical Assessment/Geriatrics”
“Physical Therapy and Pharmacy”
“Physical Therapy/Pharmacy Interactions”
“Point/Counterpoint-Standard vs Patient-specific TPN Formulas”
“Practical TPN Therapy Insights for Supportive Personnel”
“Pragmatic Application of Principles – Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“Pragmatic Clinical Nutrition”
“Pragmatic Monitoring Parameters for the Renal Patient”
“Pragmatics of TPN Therapy”
“Prealbumin as a Nutrition Marker”
“Preprofessional Student Lecture”
“Primary Therapeutics of Parenteral/Enteral Nutrition”
“Provocative Nutrition Matters”
“Pulmonary Patient and Nutrition”
“Refeeding Syndrome”
“Renal Therapeutics”
“Review: Antioxidants”
“Role of the Clinical Pharmacist in IV Therapy”
“Role of the Pharmacist in Diaster Planning”
“Role of the Pharmacist in Oncology Clinic”
“Role of the Pharmacist in Total Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition”
“Role of the TPEN Pharmacist”
“Rubella Vaccine Therapy”
“Sedative/Hypnotics – Nutritional Implications”
“Selenium – Clinical Perspectives”
“Selenium and the Bone Marrow Transplant Patient”
“Thailand Intravenous Symposiums”
“The Hospital Pharmacist”
“The Nutrition Patient and Laboratory Parameters”
“The Pharmacist’s Role in the Oral Surgery Pain Clinic”
“The Physician and Clinical Nutrition”
“The Physiology of Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“The Renal Patient and Medications”
“The Role of the Clinical Pharmacist in Investigational Medications”
“The State of the Art – TPEN”
“The Use of Indirect Calorimetry as a Prognosticator in the MICU”
“The Virtues of Prealbumin”
“The Where, When And How of TPN”
“Theophylline Dosing”
“Thiamine Deficiency and Death”
“Three in One Solutions”
“Tools:Nutrition Assessment”
“Total Nutrient Admixtures”
“Total Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Course”
“Total Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Teams”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition – Nursing Implications”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition and the BMTU Patient”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition and the OB-GYN Surgeon”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition and the RN”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition for the Pharmacist”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition for the Surgical Patient”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition in Various Disease States”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition Overview”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition Therapy
“Total Parenteral Nutrition Update”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition”
“Total Parenteral Nutrition”/”Role of the Clinical Pharmacist in IV Therapy”
“Total Parenteral/Enteral Nutrition for the Graduate Nurse”
“TPEN Therapeutics”
“TPN for the Practicing Gastroenterologist”
“TPN – Where do we go from here?”
“TPN 101”
“TPN and Medication Interactions”
“TPN and the Renal Patient”
“TPN Case Presentation – the Renally Insufficient Patient”
“TPN Compounding”
“TPN for the Physician”
“TPN for the Practicing Pharmacist”
“TPN Formulations and Compatibilities”
“TPN Implications”
“TPN in the Pediatric Patient”
“TPN Monitoring for the ICU Nurse”
“TPN Monitoring Parameters – Consensus Conference”
“TPN Pearls for the ICU Patient”
“TPN Review”
“TPN Therapy – Risks of Curbside Consulting”
“TPN Therapy for the Practicing CCM Physician”
“TPN Therapy”
“TPN-What’s New?”
“Trace Element Perles”
“Trace Element Saavy”
“Trace Element Therapeutics”
“Trace Elements – Pragmatic Sagacity”
“Trace Elements – Where are we today?”
“Trace Elements in Health and Disease”
“Trace Elements Physiology”
“Training of Hospital Managers”
“Tricyclics – Nutritional Implications”
“Tricyclics/Phenothiazines Pharmacology and Therapeutics”
“Tuberculosis Antibiotic Therapy”
“Tuberculosis Therapy”
“Use of Rapid Turnover Proteins”
“USSR Healthcare”
“Vitamins and Trace Minerals”
“What Healthcare Place for TPN?”
“What I can do for the Burning Gut?”
“What Should the Pharmacy Technician Know about TPN Compounding?”
“What the Pharmacist Should Know about Intravenous Lipids”
“What’s for Dinner in the ICU?”
“Wound Care and Nutrition”